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Loss function and objective function are different, or are they?

less than 1 minute read


This blog post is a result of a discussion (read borderline heated argument) that I had with a friend regarding if machine learning terms loss function and objective function meant the same. We will get to know if they do mean the same or not by the end of this post. I am choosing to write this post as a dialogue between Pinfy and Scooby, to let you decide if it was a discussion or an argument :’). Also, I am using a colab notebook to write this post because the post is going to get mathematical.

Visualizing Learning of PyTorch Code using TensorboardX

less than 1 minute read


Visualizating learning is a great way to gain better understaning of your machine learning model’s inputs, outputs and/or the model parameters. In this article we discuss

  • how to use TensorboardX, a wrapper around Tensorboard, to visualize training of your existing PyTorch models.
  • how to use a conda environment to install tensorboard in case of installation clashes.
  • how to remotely access the web interface for tensorboard.


Academic Research: What does it involve?

6 minute read


What is academic research all about? This is a question that I keep asking myself, frequently so. From whatever research experience I have, I have come to realise that there are three major components that determine the quality of research one gets to do (or atleast the one I get to do): working, networking and not-working. Working: Because if you are a researcher, you have got to do research. Networking: Because you need collaborators, mentors and reveiwers to do good research. Not-working: Because you are a human, and you need rest no matter how much you think you don’t.